Brand Alert: Rub Me… Melt Me… Heal Me… from Tia and Anda

Tia and Anda

Tia and Anda (2)

At an expo there are lots of things that catch your eye, product, people, seminars, demonstrations, but Tia and Anda’s poster meant that I could not walk past their stand without finding out more.

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Rub me refers to the brown sugar exfoliator, melt me to the body butter and heal me to the foot cream (sole food).  Clever innit!

Rub Me

Tia and Anda

When you open the jar, you are exposed to a wonderful burst of citrus.  The thick layer of oil over the Demerara sugar and sea salt exfoliant is a mixture of sweet almond and sunflower infused with petigrain, mandarin, grapefruit, lime and sweet orange oils.  The benefit of having sugar and salt exfoliants is that they are different sized elements and so provide a more thorough exfoliation.  This scrub leaves the skin very smooth and the oil element leaves the skin beautifully hydrated .

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The glass jar is robust – glass can be tricky in the bathroom but I really love the fact that it is glass.  The ‘grolsch’ type opening is actually pretty easy to open with wet hands although if you keep the jar in the shower the metal parts may rust over time.  I also love the fact that Tia and Anda will soon be providing a refill service so you can keep the jar and just buy the refill pack – great idea.

Melt Me

This is a lovely body butter – exactly the type that I like.  There is no water in the mix, just organic shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax, aloe vera gel, geranium sweet orange and ylang ylang essential oils, monoi de tahiti oil and vanilla extract.  It is a solid at room temperature and melts in the hand.  So, it has cocoa butter in it and I am not a fan of cocoa butter.  The smell of palmers is never something that I have enjoyed but the cocoa butter in the Tia and Anda products smells chocolately  (no doubt amplified by the vanilla) not like Palmers.  Although there is more organic shea butter then cocoa butter in this product the chocolate smell predominates.  As it dries down, the geranium oil comes through.

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The pink glass jar ( I love a glass jar) has a metal lid) and the silver writing on the jar brings the whole package together.  My skin loves this stuff.  My dry skin was banished and stayed moisturised all day.

Heal Me

Heal me comes in a metal tin with a screw lid with the signature fuchsia emblazoned on the surface.  I am a fan of the screw lid – it makes it easy to open and close. It has the same ingredients as the body butter, with the addition of peppermint oil. As with the body butter, the cocoa butter has a real chocolatey fragrance which really comes through.  The texture of the sole food is really very smooth and it melts on contact with the skin.  The sole food melts in the hand and is great on feet that have been in sandals and Birkenstocks all day.  Great after using a foot buffer but also works if you don’t spend time on your feet.  If you have dry cuticles, this stuff is brilliant.  I also used it as a treatment handcream and I used it on the rest of my body too.   After a few minutes the chocolate cocoa butter fragrance dissipates and the peppermint comes through stronger.

Tia and Anda (3)

I really enjoyed using these products from the Tia and Anda range.  They are full of skin nourishing ingredients, great packaging, great slogan and a lovely team behind the range.


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