Seven Ways to Use Prolagene Gel

Decleor Prolagene Gel

Prolagene Gel was one of the first products from the Decleor Range and was developed for burns victims.  It is definitely a hero from the range and I have been using it on and off for over a decade.  It’s a blue gel, but goes onto the skin clear.  It has recently been upgraded to Prolagene Lift which contains double the concentration of the L-Proline amino acid (which is an important part of collagen and promotes cell renewal).  So, before I spend my shekels on Prolagene Lift, I though I would revel in the glory of the original Prolagene formula.


It is one of the most multi functional beauty products out there.  I use it from head to toe.  If you are looking for a tightening and firming serum that also helps to repair scared skin, read on.  Here are seven ways that I use Prolagene Gel.

Gel Prolagene

  1.  Under moisturiser as a serum – this is how I am using it at the moment.  Cleanse, tone, Prolagene then moisturiser.  Using a thin layer gives an instant tightening, it does not roll under your moisturiser and it is cooling on the skin
  2. Moisturiser booster – as an alternative to layering it under my moisturiser, I sometimes mix it with my moisturiser, especially when I feel like the moisturiser is not doing what is should on my skin…. or when I have forgotten to layer it underneath.  I have yet to find a moisturiser that it does not mix with.
  3. Eye Cream – Prolagene Gel can be used on the eyelid – all over the eyelid, yes from brow to lash. So, when I use it as an under moisturiser serum, I use it all over my eyes too.  I also use under eye creams – again it does not roll if use thin layer which is all you need as it is not advisable to overload the eyes with product.
  4. Neck and bust cream – neck and bust creams are relatively recent inventions, back in the day, you just took your face cream down to your collar bone and your body moisturisers up to your collarbone but time and technologies move on and if like me you are starting to see a little
  5. Eye mask – when I am doing my clay followed by exfoliating followed by hydrating mask, I apply Prolagene gel in a thick layer over my eyes as an eye mask. It does not irritate the skin and the cool gel feels lovely on the skin.
  6. Spot treatment for scars – when I get a spot on my face, it scars.  Always.  Prolagene gel can take me from scar to no scar in twelve weeks.  That may sound like a long time, but compared to other products it really is not and as it does not burn or strip the skin it is an effective yet gentle way fade and eliminate the scars.  I find that when I am using it regularly, the scar is not so bad in the first place.
  7. Body lotion booster – I have only mixed this lotions.  If I am using a body cream I would be inclined to layer it under the cream and if I am using a body butter, the truth is that I don’t use it but if you are looking for a firming body lotion – just mix your regular lotion with Prolagene Gel.

By the way – the Decleor range recently – ish went through a repackaging and the majority of the products are now in white packaging, however, some things are still in the yellow (don’t know why) anyway,  Prolagene Gel is one of them so you are not getting an expired product if you buy it from a registered stockist.



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