Pixi Glow Tonic

Pixi Glow Tonic

In my search for a good exfoliating product to use at the toner stage, of my cleansing routine, I have so far used P50, and Nip and Fab glycolic pads.  Caroline Hirons raved about Pixi Glow tonic, referencing the fact that the ingredients were very similar to P50 at a much lower price point so on my third attempt I was glad to be able to get my hands on some.

Pixi Glow Tonic 2

It comes in a solid plastic bottle with a hardy pump and a utilitarian label with give the product name and the ingredients.  No great claims, no celebrity endorsement on the bottle just the label.  If you are looking for fancy packaging, this is not it.  Don’t let that put you off though.

Inside the bottle the Glow Tonic is a very light yellow/beige colour.  The fragrance is very pleasant – unlike P50.   You can smell the witch hazel. Pixi Glow is much much gentler then P50.  If you found P50 to be too much for your skin this is  a great option.  There is absolutely no ouch factor.  There is also no special application technique.  A couple of pumps onto a cotton pad and swipe it across the face, steering clear of the eyes and mouth. Use it twice a day.

Pixi Glow 1

The effect on my skin has been that it has kept is looking quite refined and clarified.  I have had a couple of episodes of cystic spots.  Pixi Glow does not demolish spots like P50 does.  Rather, it holds a mediation session with them and helps them to realise the inappropriateness of them appearing on your skin.  As a result the scarring that is left takes longer to fade with this product then with P50.

For me, this is a good functional staple in my bathroom. I like it and I will repurchase it.  Having something astringent (but alcohol free) at the toner stage has definitely improved the texture of my skin – even when I am having a spotty episode.  However, I will be using it in conjunction with P50, because for me, during a spot attack, especially if the spot is cystic, it needs to be demolished, rather than negotiated with.  If you have fewer skin issues, sensitivity or are not able to withstand the ouch factor I would definitely recommend Pixi Glow.


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