Balance Me Toning Body Wash

Balance Me Shower Gel

Magazine Freebie

The summer was great for magazine freebies and receiving a shower gel with a magazine that you read regularly is a great freebie.

Balance Me Shower Gel

Balance Me is a British, free from (sulphates, parabens, preservatives, mineral oil, silicones, fragrances and artificial colours) range and this body wash is made from ingredients, ninety nine percent of which are organic.  Pretty impressive.

Balance Me Shower Gel 2

This body wash claims to encourage good circulation, whilst  toning, softening and smoothing the skin.  Well, my jelly belly was no more toned then it was before I started using it but the formula does not strip my skin.  I cant attest to the softening and smoothing claims  (my skin stayed exactly the same) but I did enjoy using this body wash.

Balance Me Shower Gel 3

This wash does foam in the shower, thanks to the coconut based foaming agents.  The fragrance is light and refreshing, rose, lavender and juniper.  This does not smell like Tanqueray, or like roses and the fragrance is quite unisex.  It leaves the bathroom lightly fragranced and thin gel formulation (it has a bit of aloe vera in the mix so it is quite cool on the skin on the skin and it rinses off very easily.  It is a nice shower gel, but for me it did not make my time in the shower exciting, or luxurious, or special or different but I am glad that I got to try it.


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