Illuminating Fragrance: Bahoma Pomelo Grapfruit Candle

Bahoma Candle

This week I have been burning the Pomelo Grapefruit candle from Bahoma is a British brand that has been around since 2007.

Bahoma Box

The packaging is minimalist monotone with a cool yellow rectangle to denote the Pomelo Grapefruit scent. .  Grapefruit scents are not a common as orange or lemon in candles and it is not common to see them in single note candle.  The result is usually very sweet or very sharp.  When you take the candle out of the box and have a whiff of the box, it does not smell like grapefruit, or anything citrusy.  the smell is quite subtle with a hint of a green note, but nothing that I could identify as grapefruit.

This candle itself has nothing citrusy about it.  It is not sharp or sweet or fruity.  Notwithstanding all that, it is a nice candle.  The fragrance is very subtle and very soft but I could not distinguish any of the notes.  It did leave the room fragranced beautifully for a few hours the next day but it was a very subtle scent.

Bahoma Candle

Overall, I was disappointed with the candle’s aroma, as I was hoping for a true grapefruit scent but  I like the simple packaging.


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