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Lypsso is a website run by Laura Sanchez which focuses on natural and organic hair skin and cosmetic products.  On the site you will find reviews of both products and salons.  for the launch party, we were asked to come without make up to give us a chance to have facials and makeovers with some of the brands that have been featured on the site.

Lypsso Quiz

Laura Sanchez (centre) with friends

Great concept for a launch and it went down really well with those who attended.

Lypsso Bucks Fizz

Cleansing and mini facials provided by Claudia Fallahs and Jason…

Lypsso Jason


Lypsso Jason 1


Lypsso Jason Makeover

Lypsso Claudia Fallah (3)

Claudia with Juliana from @buzzingtrends

Lypsso Claudia Fallah 1

Lypsso Claudia Fallah

Hair products by Hayadi

Lypsso Hayadi 3

Lypsso Hayadi


Lypsso Hayadi 1

And makeovers provided by  Arbonne, Lavera, Benecos and Green People

Lypsso Makeover (6) Lypsso Makeover (5) Lypsso Arbonne Makeover



Areeba using Benecos products

Lypsso Makeover with Areeba Lypsso Makeover with Areeba (3)

Lypsso Daniella and Juliana

Daniela with Juliana from @buzzingtrends

Daniella Makeover

Lypsso Face by Daniela (2)

The products Daniela used on my face (NARS powder foundation is my own, colour cosmetics are Lavera)

Lypsso Face by Daniela

The finished result

Lypsso Making Lipstick (2) Lypsso Making Lipstick

The lovely Rebecca from Biteable Beauty ran a session on making your own lipstick

Lypsso quizmaster


Lypsso Quiz (3)  Lypsso Quiz (4) Lypsso Quiz (2)

Juliana from @buzzingtrend and I made it to the last three of the beauty quizbut were not the ultimate winners.

Lypsso Makeover (9) Lypsso Makeover (2)

Lypsso Rebecca Goodyear

It was a lovely event and a great way to celebrate natural and organic beauty products. I am sure that the Lypsso site will go from strength to strength and bringing more organic and natural brands to the attention of a wider public and encouraging more of the cosmetic brands  to create complexion shades for women of colour.

You can check out the Lypsso website here.   And  to see more of the work of  Daniela Ignatescu who did my makeover, look here.





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