Sixty Seconds with … N&B Natural is Better Easy Lifting Cream

N&B Natural Is Better

When your face is round like a dinner plate, like mine, sagging rather then wrinkling is going to be an issue.  I came across the N&B Natural is Better  brand at the Organic and Natural  Beauty show .  They were very generous with their samples and this is the first that I am trying.

N&B Natural is Better

N&B is short for Natura and Benessere (nature an well being) Natural is Better is an Italian range, certified organic with an aloe vera base and olive oil base.  The  very generous five ml sample of this cream was enough face cream for a week.  This company is interesting – they are a private label brand, ie they make generic products and other companies put their name to it.   I am learning that this is quite common in the beauty industry.  The  Easy Lifting Cream is like a thicker, stronger scented version of the Vitabella face cream that I reviewed here.

N&B Natural Is Better 1

It has shea butter, wheatgerm oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil and sodium hyaluronate – a pretty nice mix of ingredients.   It absorbed into the skin well and was a nice base for make up.   I did not notice a lifting effect, but I only used it for a week but it was very hydrating  It  makes a good partner with Hydraluron.  If you have dry skin or are looking for a light night cream this might be a good option for you.



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