Combating Winter Dry Skin: Beyond Organic Hydrating Body Oil

Beyond Organic Hydrating Body Oil

This British brand hail from Cornwall, and their Hydrating Body Oil is one hundred percent organic.  I first came across them at the Organic and Natural Beauty Show but this purchase came later.  This is a brand that does not use the organic label as a marketing moniker, but embraces an auditable cradle to gate sustainable production process with a low carbon footprint.    Not only are the products organic, they are also fair trade, not tested on animals and  the packaging is recyclable.

Beyond Organic

Lets talk about the packaging first.  I love the colour of the box and the bottle, it is like Decleor Alguromes blue with a touch af green in it.  The box, is not the most sturdy, it has glue along one strip but it means that it is easy to dismantle and put into the recycling bin.

Beyond Organic 1

The oil is housed in a glass jar with a metal lid.  I love a glass jar and will be reusing this for other body oil one the product is finished.  The teal on the bottle has a slightly metallic sheen and would make a great nail lacquer colour.  It is a transfer that is removable, not easily but it is possible if you need to reliable the jar when you reuse it.  What the teal jacket hides if the deep gold colour of this oil.

Beyond Organic 2

I picked this one up because of the botanticals in it – horse chestnut and fennel. Horse chestnut aka conkers take me back  my childhood.  I was not aware of the use of horse chestnut prior to using this product but it turns out that that is a known to be effective against varicose veins. Fennel, which I always think of as a salad ingredient is apparently good for  cellulite.  I don’t have varicose veins but I do have cellulite so I will be upping my consumption of fennel.  Another interesting ingredient is ‘Gold of Pleasure’ – a form of flax and is high in omega three and six and essential fatty acids.  These have been added to the Macademia oil base which is high in fatty acids and supports cellular regeneration.  There is also some sunflower oil which is another great skin loving oil, high in omega 6 oil, hemp oil and more fatty acids.  Great ingredients,  however it smells like cod liver oil.  Thankfully that fragrance does not last long on the skin but if you are looking for a beautifully fragranced body oil – this is not for you.

Beyond Organic 3

I have been using this all over my body  (from neck to toes) and I love it, but the bottle is quite small (only 60 ml) so it might have made for sense for me to use it from the waist down to target the areas where I have cellulite.  I have not seen a reduction in my cellulite since using this product but I did not expect to.  I would need to improve my diet and up my level of exercise in conjunction with this product.  That said, it did what I wanted it to, which was to leave it  my skin moisturised and nourished all day.  It passed the 8 hour tights test with flying colours.


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