& Other Stories

& Other Stories

I spent part of my weekend meandering in Oxford Street and on route to Liberty’s I discovered And Other Stories.

& Other Stories Signage

I am probably late discovering this store but it a mix of clothes (think COS but less structural) shoes and an interesting mix of skincare and beauty.  Make up artist Lisa Butler is responsible for the make up edit.

& Other Stories Lisa Butler

It was lovely to see Less is More, an organic range that I have featured on the blog retailed there along with Dr Bronner, This Works and Eyeko as well as their own brand of skincare and make up.

& Other Stories Bag

Sadly there were no complexion products in my shade.  I was on the verge of buying a beautiful eyeshadow quad when a purple liquid eyeliner caught my eye.  Worsted Aubergine.  This colour intrigued me because I know what an aubergine is and I know what worsted it but I would never use these two words together to describe a liquid eyeliner.  Worsted in a knitting context describes a tightly woven yarn.  It is also the name of a village in Norfolk – a village that does not have a history of aubergine farming so you can understand my confusion!

& Other Stories Worsted purple

Anyway, the eyeliner is housed in a silver container.  The lid houses the brush and it comes out of the inkwell with a sturdy pop.  The brush is quite thin, but not sturdy so a steady hand and a gentle touch is needed to apply it as the brush splays very easily.  The colour dries quite quickly and the purple colour has a bit of gold iridescence which makes is sparkle on the eye, but it is by no means a glittery eyeliner.  It registers purple but still dark on brown skin so it still gives the eye definition despite not being as intense as black.

& Other Stories

My favourite way to wear it, is as quite a thick flick with thinner black flick close to the lash line.  You will find pictures on my Instagram (@patentpurplelife). Once it has dried it does not smudge.  If you are trying to steer clear of parabens and silicones this is not a product for you but if you are looking for an alternative to black eyeliner this is a good option.


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