Decleor Gradual Glow vs System Corp

Decleor Gradual Glow and System Corp

The tanning product in the Ultimate Beauty Gift this year was Decleor’s Gradual Glow.  Last year it was St Tropez, which I gave to a friend. There are several tanning products for Women of Colour on the market.  Who doesn’t want their skin to glow, and to have an even skin tone?  Last year, Decleor’s contribution to the Ultimate Beauty Gift with Purchase was System Corp.  I had not used it because, as much as I love Decleor, System Corp is not moisturising enough for me to use as a body cream.  Since I had fifty millilitres of both products I thought it would be a good opportunity to a compare the both and see if the Gradual Glow made me.. well… glow.  I used Gradual Glow on the left side of my body and System Corp on the right side for a week.

Gradual Glow and System Corp

 Decleor Says…  

Gradual Glow – ‘this light texture hydrates and gives the skin a gradual glow after the first application.  Apply daily.  Wash hands after use.’

System Corp – ‘the unique texture the feel incredibly light and easy to apply moisturises your skin.  Apply daily after bath or shower.’


Both these products have a light texture.  Decleor define both these products as milks rather than lotions and they are definitely not creams), but  Gradual Glow is noticeably thicker then System Corp.  Both are absorbed into the skin quickly and leaves the skin matt and initially smooth.  Gradual Glow has meadow foam oil in it, which is light but moisturising.  System Corps has meadow foam oil and Coconut oil but is really very very light.

System Corp


I really like the smell of the Gradual Glow. I don’t know if it is the tanning agent that smells so good or the mixture of the magnolia oil and vanilla but it smells lovely.  System Corp has much more of a light ‘ clean cotton’ smell.  Neither product affects any fragrance that you want to use on the skin and the smell goes within about ten minutes.

Gradual Glow


I have very dry skin, so for me the moisturising properties of these products are not great.  Neither passed the eight hour opaque tights test, but I knew that would be the case from the texture.  The addition  of a squeeze of Prolagene Gel helps, but this is much more for foaming.  I have been known to add a bit of body oil to the mix and that helps a lot.  That said, Gradual Glow has better moisturising properties then System Corp. 


Both products are very light.  I use System Corp as a frequent use hand cream – great in the office as it does not leave the hands greasy.   Sadly, Gradual Glow did not make me glow after a week of use, both sides of my body were exactly the same colour…. but the gradual glow side was slightly more moisturised.


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