Kanebo Sensai Liquid Eyeliner

Sensai Refillable Eyeliner


I Love dramatic eyeliner looks.  There are lots of ways to achieve, pencil, eyeshadow, cake liner and of course the felt tip pen liner.


If you want a product that you take out of the box and use straight away, this is not for you.  You have to assemble this but unlike a piece of flatpack furniture from IKEA the instructions are pretty clear.




The refill for this is fifteen pounds so if you like the brush, or want to go from black to brown this is a great option.  It is a shame that there are only two colours, but for people that have a signature look, ie if you always wear red lippy and a 50’s flick this could be a great option.  The brush is quite dense and tapers to a very very thin point which means that you can do a thicker line at the base of the lashes and then go thinner in the flick.


When fully assembled it is quite a sturdy bit of kit which I love.  I also love the fact that it is a screw on lid rather then pull off – it feels more secure.  the button at the bottom primes the product so if youo feel you are not getting enough liquid to line your eye you can pump it.  Far beter then storing it upside down and shaking it like a cocktail as you would do with other liquid liners!


I really like this eyeliner –  the colour is intense black, the brush tapers to a very thin point and does not splay uncontrollably when being used. It is easy to get a thick or thin line and it is really easy to use.  It is nice to see a make up brand considering resource impact in their products.  It does not feel like a gimmick but I do feel like they are missing a trick not having a greater selection of colours.


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