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Eden Natural Nail Polish remover

I got this sample at a London Beauty Bloggers event. I love a bit of nail polish but have been using OPI’s acetone free nail polish remover for years.  I buy it in the big size repurchasing on an annual basis.  But this natural nail polish intrigued me.

Eden Nail Polish Remover 1

I decided that the best way to review it would be to do a direct comparison with the OPI  to see its effectiveness at removing polish…but before that – a few observations.

Eden Nail Polish Remover

It is clear not coloured like the OPI.  Have you noticed in the supermarket chemist that nail polish removers tend to be blue, or green or pink?  Is the colour added for a reason?  I don’t know.  Anyway, the OPI smells like most acetone free nail varnish removers.  The smell is quite strong  (inhale for too long and it will make your eyes water) but the OPI one appears to be quite gentle as it has Aloe Vera in it and it never leaves the nail white like an acetone remover does..  The Eden Therapies polish remover is clear and it does not smell like nail varnish remover.  It has a decidedly sweet fragrance rather than the lime that Eden Therapies suggest and does not make your eyes water when you put your nose to the phial. The texture is like that of the OPI but it does not evaporate as quickly, and it does not leave the skin dry.

Eden Natural Nail Polish remover and OPI Acetone Free Remover

In terms of removing nail lacquer  I decided to give it a hefty test – base coat, two coats of Maybelline Electric Yellow, a coat of Yves Rocher crackle and Seche Vite top coat.  I knew that the OPI could handle it but how would the Eden Natural Nail Polish Remover fair?

Maybelline Electric Yellow and Yves Rocher Crackle

My preferred technique for removing polish is to saturate a cotton pad and hold it over the nail for about ten second and then pull it up the nail removing the colour in one swipe.  As I had set a pretty hard task, the OPI took three goes.    The Eden took… well, after eight goes I stopped counting.

The Natural Nail Polish does not contain, isopropyl, glycerine, butyl, alcohol or toluene, but neither does the OPI.  it contains ethyl acetone and acetone derivative, but it would appear that the OPI acetone free nail polish remover is not the worst product in the non natural nail varnish remover market.  The cotton wool pad on the left shows the defined strips for removal and the other shows the repeated efforts of the Eden product.

Not withstanding the difference in ingredients, it  just did not dissolve the nail lacquer as effectively.  It did leave the nail slightly more hydrated than the OPI, and I do love the idea of a polish remover that is not harsh , but… textured nails are very popular at the moment and brands are coming forward with glossy and long-lasting formulas.  Removers need to be able to deal with the changing technologies with ease.  Based on this very unscientific test, this product is not for me at the moment.  No doubt with more research and a bit of time, a gentle but effective non acetate/acetone polish remover will be on the market shortly.


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