Nuxe Gentle Toning Lotion

Nuxe Gentle Toner

I have been using the double toner system for a while now.  First toner is an astringent, (currently P50) followed by a second gentle toner and the Nuxe Gentle Toning Lotion is what I have been using.

Nuxe Gentle Toner

This formula is for normal to dry and sensitive skins so it is a very good partner to P50 or any other exfoliating toner.  The pink packaging may be in reference to the fact that this alcohol free toner is jam packed with rose petals.  In fact, after water, Damask rose flower water is the second ingredient, which means, it has a strong smell of roses, which is not my preferred fragrance.  fortunately the rose smell does not last too long but when you first use it, it is quite strong.

Nuxe Gentle Toner (2)

The texture is like water despite the glycerine which makes it perfect for decanting and spraying on the skin.  I like to press it into the skin once I have sprayed it rather than waiting for it to dry.  I have not found it to be irritating or drying in any way and have used it over the eyes.  It is a good second toner option but when used as the only toner in my routine, it was good but not great.







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