Batting My Lashes: Chantacaille Faux Cil Mascara

Chantacaille Mascara

This was part of the Ultimate Beauty Gift with Purchase from Liberty’s – you can have a look at everything I received in this bumper gift with purchase  here.

Chantacaille Mascara 1


I LOVE THIS MASCARA.  I love the metallic chocolate brown casing with the contrasting silver writing which is a contemporary step away from the gold that would be expected on a brown background.

I love the fact that it does not have a dodgy smell (smells like skincare)

I love the fact that the formulation is a true black and not a dodgy deep grey.

I love the wand, which is tapered at the end so you can really get into the corner lashes without getting mascara all over your eyeshadow and if you do your bottom lashes you can do a fine application quickly.

Chantacaille Mascara

Interestingly the brush is quite big in diameter which means that as you role or zig zag it up the lashes you get definition across each and every lash and then as you reach the end of your lashes you great fantastic length. The lashes are beautifully flexible after application and you can do two or three coats and still maintain the definition.  It is a beautiful natural false lash effect. This is a great mascara – there is nothing (yes really – nothing)  that I don’t like about it!


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