Crowning Glory: Molton Brown Purifying Plum Kadu Hair Condition

Molton Brown Plum Kadu

Molton Brown Plum KaduDo you remember the lady that used to present Molton Brown on QVC, Jill Goldsmith?  She used to take you on a journey round the globe when she described the fragrances.  Not an easy job as the name of the fragrance, did not always (every) directly relate to the ingredients in the product.  Rose Granati (pomegranate, black pepper and cardamom) Thai Vert ( lime and patchouli) and my mum’s favourite, Heavenly Gingerlily (now just Gingerlily cos it is ginger and lily).  On a recent trip to my local john Lewis I discovered  that Molton brown were in the process of renaming their fragrances to make the name of them relate to the ingredients.  I understand it… but I kind of liked that fact that they were creating an experience with the name.

Molton Brown Plum Kadu 1

Anwyay, back to the review.  So, I have very dry hair and usually would use a heavy conditioner, but sometimes, I like to apply a light conditioner, especially in my frequent wash or when time is a factor and this product is great for that..  Despite being known for their bath and body products, Molton Brown started doing shampoo and conditioner so they have lots of experience in this area.

Molton Brown Plum Kadu 2

You get three hundred mills in the bottle.  A good  amount of product (especially when your hair is long and dense) and it is housed in a tactile (think NARS packaging) plastic which means that with wet hands it is not too slippery.  The flip to lid is great for getting a good amount of product but not too much product in the hand and because the plastic is slighty transparent, you can see when you come to the end of the product.

Molton Brown Plum Kadu

The texture is thick as it is holds it’s shape, but quite light too, you can feel that it has a high water content and it is easy to work into the hair and rinse out of the hair.  It is a frequent use conditioner so it is not the most moisturising conditioner on my bathroom shelf but it does not leave my hair dry and I follow up with lots of hair loving oils.

The active ingredients in this product are Plum-Kadu and Moringa seed extract.  The Kadu Plum is from Australia and is famous for having the greatest concentration of Vitamin c then any other natural food souce in the planet. Fifty times more then an equivalent weight of oranges.  Vitamin C is a powerful anti oxidant and the Kadu Plum also has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties which makes it a brilliant ingredient for a hair product.   If you are a fan of the Emma Hardie range, you will be familiar with the benefits of moringa oil.  It has high fatty acid content which means that it great for nourishing and hydrating the hair.

Molton brown if famous for its fragrances and this product is no different.  It does not happen often that I buy a hair product for the  smell but this is an exception.  It is white floral with a bit of a green note too.  The scent is light and fresh, and it leaves your  hair and the bathroom smelling of this beautiful fragrance.  It has tuberose, one of my favourite fragrance notes, along with jasmine and cardamom but it is not heady at all.  I don’t really get the cardamon note but I do get gorgeous smelling hair.


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