Sixty Seconds with … Alberthas Garden Exfoliating Soap

Alberthas Garden

I will be doing a full review of the body butter from this range in the new year so I can talk at length about the marvellous Karen and Tony Welch and the great products that they are doing with Alberthas Garden, but I received a sample of the exfoliating soap at the Swap in the City Event and I wanted to post a short review of my thoughts.

Alberthas Garden Exfoliating Soap

How lovely is the packaging?  I know that they are out of fashion at the moment but I am a fan of a soap.

Not all soaps are created equally and this one is a good one.  Despite being a sample, I got a good number of showers (six)  out of this product.  It is not super hard, but not super soft either.  In the shower it provided a good lather. The level of exfoliation was too too harsh – apart from one  seed had not been crushed.   As the soap was not rock hard, I was able to  remove the see with my fingernail and carry on.  It could be used every day, but I as using it a couple of times a week.

Alberthas Garden Exfoliating Soap (2)

This soap did not leave my skin taut or irritated when I came out of the shower and I waited ten minutes before applying body moisturiser to see how my skin reacted.  I have very dry skin so I always need to apply a body lotion and even after ten minutes my skin was not irritated.  Very impressive.  The fragrance is very gentle, very unisex and not overly nutmeggy  or spicy.  If you are a fan of an exfoliating soap or are looking for a soap that will not dry out the skin, this is one to try.


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