Number 7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Balm

No 7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Balm

047This is not a balm as I know it – it is a cream, it is not oil based.  This bright white cream has the consistency of a rich face moisturiser.  It does not absorb into the skin which is good because it is a cleanser.  If left on the skin it does warm up but does not melt which means that there is a short amount of time for massage and then it needs to be removed.  The smell is a bit non descript – not as nice as Ponds Cold Cream, but no floral or fresh botanical notes.

No 7 Cleansing Balm (5)

It is designed for dry to very dry skin.  I have combination skin and did not find that it was too heavy for my skin.  I did find that it struggled to remove cream foundation, and mascara so I did not use it to remove make up but as a second stage cleanser.

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Number 7 say: ‘ For Best Results ‘with your fingers massage over your skin and wipe off’  Errr with what?  a tissue, cotton wool? If yes, damp or dry?  Your fingers, with water? A muslin cloth?  One was not supplied.  I really hate incomplete instructions. I used a flannel, as that is my preference over a muslin cloth. I did not find this to be an amazing cleansing product.  It did cleanse the skin but left a bit of a film, although admittedly my skin felt smoother but not softer or brighter or super hydrated.

Number 7 are clearly trying to catch a ride on the popularity of cleansing balms but they seem to have completely missed the point.  It is a cream – please call it a cleansing cream.  Please give clear instructions of how to use it.  If you have very dry skin, you don’t necessarily want to massage or manipulate product on the skin, especially if there is an issue with sensitivity.  Overall this is a product fail for me.


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