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Agese Oils

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A few months back I attended the launch of Agese Oils and had a chance to speak to founder Emma Agese.  An Engineering student who turned to product development after a trip to India and the skin issues that she was experiencing lead to a light bulb moment.  The development of a range of oils for hair, face and body.

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The first thing you notice about Agese Oils is the packaging.  Each oil is housed in a bamboo container which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but maintains the efficacy of the oils inside by protecting them from sunlight.

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*Face Glow

The Face Glow contains jojoba and apricot oils which lotus and peppermint essential oils.  The oil has a fine texture and absorbs into the skin beautifully leaving it with a glow but not greasey.  It is pepperminty so take care around the eyes and the mouth if you have sensitivity.  It is to be used morning and night at the moisturiser stage but I found that it worked well as a night time treatment on my skin.

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*Hair Gold

Two of the ingredients are not commonly found in hair preparations.  Amla and Brahmi oils which are claimed to help repair damaged hair, promote healthy scalp.  Both are common in Ayurvedic practises and come from trees which are commonly found in India.  Again, the peppermint comes through very strongly and leaves the scalp tingling.

It is definitely worth checking this range out.  they have a third product which I got to play with at the launch.  Skin Silk body oil, an medley or argan and avocado oils infused with glorious orange oil.

*pr samples




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