Sixty Seconds with… Super: Lush Lips (Discontinued)

Super Lip Balm

Have you ever had the coconut ice-cream in Wagamamas?  This lip balm smells EXACTLY like that.  Exactly.

Super Lip Balm (10)

Shea butter has been mixed with coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and beeswax.  It is full of skin loving ingredients and has really worked wonders on my very chapped lips.  The texture is quite thick so it does not absorb into the lips.  It forms a layer and over the course of an hour or so absorbs into the skin.

Super Lip Balm (26)

The Tocotrienols referenced on the front of the jar are a constituent of Vitamin E and have anti oxidant properties which have various skincare benefits ranging from inflammation reduction to skin firming.  I have had this jar in my beauty cupboard for a few months, but sadly the range has been discontinued.


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