Authentically Purple: Aspinal of London

Aspinal Purse

At the end of last year my beloved pink patent Lulu Guinness purse died.  The zip broke and the cost of repair was too great a percentage of the original cost of the purse.  So, I have been using another beloved purse.  A purple patent Vivienne Westwood beauty.  I have had it for several years but I found that I was not getting on with it as I had in previous years because of these.

Aspinal (12)

In the six years since I bought the Westwood purse I have accumulated a large number of loyalty cards and there was insufficient space in the Westwood purse, so I needed to upgrade.

Chloe (2)I am a fan of Chloe handbags, their leather is high quality and their finishings and fastenings in my experience are problem free.  As it was sale season I decided to investigate the options that fitted my needs and plumped for a  high quality hard wearing Chloe Paraty purse that would deal with my many many cards.  It’s glorious example of form and function…. but truth be told something was missing.  I felt like it lacked…. .  It lacked… purple.

Aspinal (2)

Aspinal (3)


Say hello to the continental wallet from Aspinal in purple crocodile leather, lined in cream suede.  After patent, croc is my favourite leather finish and purple is my favourite colour so this purse had me squealing with delight.

Aspinal (17)

Aspinal is a British heritage brand (design and manufacture both take place in Britain) which makes some quintessentially British products, and some very beautiful classic products in a really wide range of leather finishes.  .

Aspinal (10)

It’s a beauty isn’t it?  Trouble is…. I can’t fit all of my cards in it.  Despite the great functionality of the Chloe purse, I have to be authentic to myself, and Aspinal purse fuels my purple obsession.  So the Chloe purse has been returned and I am on the hunt for a  suitably large card holder.


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