Crowning Glory: Jane Carter Solution

Jane Carter Twist and Lock

Jane Carter worked as a hairdresser with her own salons and with international hair ranges before her talents for product development came to the fore.  Her range caters for all hair types from straight through wavy to coiled and includes shampoos conditioners, scalp treatments and styling products.  I have used three products from this extensive range – my thoughts are below.

Jane Carter Twist and Lock

*Twist and Lock

There are a lot of locing formulas on the market and the majority of them contain mineral oil so it is good to see one without this product. Twist and Lock is a water based, light cream made with shea, kokum (the fruit of an Indian Magosteen plant) llippe and mango butters.   I have a significantn amount of grey hair at the front of my head and I found that this product did not keep the unruly greys in the check within the twist.  This product has a long list of aromatics including  organic orange, grapefruit and palmerosa but considering the number of lovely essential oils in the product the fragrance is not strong and does not last on the hair.   For me it works best as a hair moisturiser when my locs are wet.

Jane Carter Twist and Lock (4)

*Hydrate Seal and Shine.

My favourite from the items I tested. Hydrate Seal and Shine is dispersed in a fine mist.  It has quite a strong (fruity) fragrance ,  it has jojoba, shea butter, soy and mango butter.  it is good on the length of the locs but also because of the fine spray it is fine at the roots.  Love it and would repurchase.

Jane Carter


*Nourish and Shine

This is a small pot of product that can be used on the hair and the skin to hydrate and moisturise. This shea, kokum, illipe and mango butter blend was good for retwisting my locs –  it worked than Twist and Lock

Jane Carter Nourish and Shine (2)

The butter blend also worked well on my skin, as a lip balm (not my favourite way to use it but it worked) to soften my cuticles and on my hands before bed.  The are many more products in the Jane Carter range and  they cater to all hair textures.


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