Soap Opera: Fresh Linden Soap

Fresh Linden Soap

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Not all soaps are created equally, but there is something about holding a solid bar to wash your hands and or body with that I love.

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I have very dry skin so as with all my skincare, I am careful with the soap that I use but thanks to my sister I have been introducted to the Fresh range of soaps.  This little boutique in Marylebone is a real find for skincare. One of my favourite products is the Linden Soap

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Firstly look at the way it has been packaged.  Gorgeous thick vintage paper, secured with a wire and a little semi-stone.  The fragrance comes through the paper… but once you open the pakage, the beautiful floral slightly sweet fragrance comes through. Linden is a type of Lime (not the citrus fruit) Tree. The fragrance is not citrussy is sharp.

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You get a mahoosive bar which lasts for ages.  I like the fact that it is a solid no nonsense bar of soap and not a pretty pretty delicate bar.  It is hard working and leaves the skin beautifully fragranced.

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It is a triple milled, vegetable based soap with added shea butter. I do not find that it leaves my skin very dry but of course I always moisturise after use, whether I use it on my hands or my body.

If you are a soap fan, or know someone who is, have a look at Fresh. They do goid soaps.


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