Wantable Beauty Box – First look

Wantable Box February

Wantable February

I had been subscribed to the Wantable newsletter for quite a few months as they have giveaways and articles but I was never able to take part as I am UK based… until now.  Well, until the end of January because now they ship to the UK. Hurrah.  I ordered my box on January 28th and received it on February 5th.

Wantable February Box

I love the idea of a beauty subscription box – as an opportunity to discover new brands and the fact that Wantable is in the states means that I will have access to a wealth of brands that I would not otherwise.   Wantable have a pretty comprehensive questionnaire that you have to go through which asks questions not only about your complexion and eye colour but also which asks questions about the texture that you prefer.  For example with eyeliner you can choose between pencil, gel, or liquid which means that if you love liquid and hate pencil, they are more likely to put a liquid in the box then a  pencil.  There is a level of detail in this questionnaire that I really appreciate.  The other thing that I like about this box is that you can return it if you don’t like it.

Wantable February Box Flyer

So I bought a box – it costs forty dollars for a one off box or thirty six dollars for a continued subscription.  I have signed up for continued subscription as I think it will take me three months to decide if I want to continue with the box.  Between tax and shipping the grand total for this box came to fifty dollars and twenty cents which converted to thirty pounds and thirty six pence.   This is more costly then getting a box from the UK based subscription service… but it did come all the way from the States.  They promise four to five full size items in every box.

Wantable February Box Quote

Wantable send an invoice with the box which gives a breakdown of the recommended retail cost of each item (which is not to say that you could not get the item cheaper online).  The five full size items in my box have recommended retail value of eighty four pounds.  The box also provides a sample and a quote (wise words from Sophia Loren this month.

Wantable February Box Invoice

I got the box yesterday so I am still playing with the products.  Look out for reviews over the coming weeks.  In the meanwhile, feast your eyes on what came in the box!

Wantable February Box (2)

Wantable February Box Contents

Wantable February Box contents (2)

Wantable February Box Contents (3)

Wantable Box February

Starlooks – Lengthening Mascara (Black)

Beauty for Real – True Colour Lip Cream (Always There)

Be a Bombshell – The One Stick (Buck Wild)

Girlactik Beauty – Waterproof Eye Glaze (Fierce)

FACE Stockholm – Nail Laquer (the colour of the shade is not on the product.)

I also got a sample Sorme Fresh Start Oil Free Under Foundation Makeup Enhancer.

Wantable February Box Sample

I am going to enjoy getting to grips with the products in this box.


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