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I received the Magnitone Pulsar last and was encouraged to do the 7 day challenge where the Magnitone is used twice a day for seven days to see what effect this has on the skin.  I have a Clarisonic Plus which I use regularly – (about once a week) so I am already converted to the benefits of an electronic cleanser but I also know that my skin does not like it when it over used, so I went about my trial differently (sorry Magnitone!)

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I used this product for three evening cleanses a week for over a month to see what the effect on my skin would be.  I have a regular skincare routine which includes the use of an exfoliating toner and an exfoliating mask so I am not looking to over stimulate the skin which I found that daily use of the Clarisonic did and I am not going to give up those parts of my routine for an electronic cleanser.

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The Magnitone Pulsar arrived with two brush heads (one for face and one for body) each with individual covers and came partly charged so it could be used straight away (although I did charge mine when I received it).  The brush clicks into place and it is ready to use.  It comes with an instruction booklet and I found that the website was very accessible and answered any questions that I might have.

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The Magnitone Pulsar has four settings – from the top down, they are sensitive, Pulse Lift Massage, Exfoliate and Deep Cleanse.  You can use any of these settings on the skin but for my face I liked the sensitive which is the least active setting and the Pulse Lift Massage, which is the massage setting.  It is established that facial massage is good for the skin, increasing blood to the skin which is why I love a cleansing balm or oil as it has lots of slip to allow for facial massage.  The Magnitone has the same effect but in a much shorter time.  I also love the fact that I can use any of my existing cleansing balms or cleansing oils with the Magnitone.  Yes, really, you can use a gloopy oily thick and yummy cleansing balm with this electronic cleanser.  The Clarisonic Plus beeps at you when it is time to change the part of the face that it is being used on whereas the Magnitone does not beep at you.  you use it as and where you need it when you need it.  This means that sometimes I focus more on my jaw – at other times my forehead.

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In terms of the technology, the Clarisonic uses sonic (sound) waves and the magnitone uses electromagnetic wave technology.  Without getting into the physics of this, both technologies in terms of skin cleansing are more  effective then cleansing with your hands or a muslin cloth/flannel and neither should be used near the eyes.   When you apply it to the skin you feel the vibrating sensation but it is not rough or harsh on the skin.

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So, in terms of my skin – what did it do?  Well, it definitely brought oxygen to the skin in the morning after using it my skin had a glow and it definitely gave a deeper more effective cleanse to the skin which is great for me as I wear a full face of make up most days o the week.  The texture of my skin was also improved and the lotions and potions that I use after cleansing were absorbed more quickly.  When I used the Magnitone on my body, I also found that body oils were absorbed quicker.

Magnitone (7)

If you have a Clarisonic already and are getting on with it, you will not need to invest in the Magnitone. If you have a super duper cleansing routine, this can be a useful addition for an extra deep cleanse.  If you don’t have routine, this is a quick easy and effective way of creating one.

Magnitone (4)

If you are looking to try an electronic brush cleanser, the Magnitone is a great option.  The caveat for this and any electronic cleanser is to listen to your skin and build up slowly.  Think about your existing regime and work with it not against it.

There are many iterations of the Clarisonic, I have the Clarisonic Plus so the table below sets out the features of the two electronic cleansers that I have.


MagnitoneClarisonic Plus
Face and BodyYesYes
Weight of the unitLightmedium
Charge to the wallYesYes
Cleanser recommendedAny (including oil and balm)Foaming / rinse off
Good for travelYesyes



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