Luscious Lips: Kiko Lip Gloss Pencil (12)

Lip Gloss Pencil Kiko

Woo hoo, this is my first Kiko review – the first of many, I have quite a big stash of Kiko Products in my beauty cupboard – watch this space!

Kiko Lip Gloss Pencil

Continuing with February’s lips theme, today I am reviewing another lipgloss pencil.  Like the Milani Pencils the pencils are chubby but they are slightly shorter.  The texture of the gloss is not the vinyl finish although it has a shine.  The colour is opaque and quite long lasting.  It survived me devouring an IKEA icecream without moving.  Pretty impressive.

Wine Red Lip Gloss Pencil Kiko

The colour is describe as wine red, but if you have a look at the swatches on Instagram, you will see that on the lips it is light a brown/pink.  It does not have a strong scent and deposits opaque colour evenly.  I have used a lip balm underneath it and put it directly onto lips and it works well either way.  I also like to use it to cocktail lipstick colours – especially matte colours like Illamasqua Discipline which I reviewed here.  It turns it into a gorgeous blue/purple shade.

Lip Gloss Pencil from Kiko

This pencil is shorter then other chubby pencils that I have which means it is a fixture in my make up bag.


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