Orange Lips: The Drugstore Edit

Drugstore Orange Lip colour

I love orange on brown skin but for me one of the hardest ways to wear orange is on the lips.  Orange eyeshadow – fine, either on the mobile lid or as a transition colour.  Orange cheeks, the more the better but the lips – not so easy.

I have discovered that the best orange lip is always customised.  My favourite drugstore items to create my orange lip are…

Drugstore Orange

An Orange lip pencil – in this case the Sleek Eau La La in Pumpkin.  To be honest, this is not a great pencil.  The texture is really uneven on the lips,  the nib is constantly breaking and it a bit too yellow to work on me.  I am really not a fan… but… I work with it as it creates the orange base.

NYX Pencil and GOSH Lipstick

An orange lip gloss – I am using Revlon Colourburst in Sizzle.  It is not the most opaque colour on the lips but it gives an orange tinge which can magnify the orange element on the lips

A red lipstick – yes red. On me, I like quite a deep intense colour and I find that the addition of a little bit of red really helps.  The NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in 712 Plush Red is what I am using at the moment.  I also have Revlon Red which I sometimes use in it’s stead.

NYX (13)

Orange Lipstick – I am pretty impressed with GOSH Flirty Orange. It is a colour that I can and often do wear on it’s own, but sometimes I do use it in combination.  It is is not a matte finish, GOSH call it velvet, I would say the texture is moisturising.

Gosh Flirty Orange with lid

Combinations that I go to are

Orange lipstick by itself, or

Orange lip liner, with orange gloss over the top (the gloss takes down the patchiness of the liner, or

Sleek Lip Pencil and NYX Jumbo Pencil

Orange lip liner with red pencil over the top or

Red pencil with Orange lipstick over the top.


You can mix the colours on the back of the hand or as I do directly on the lips.

From top to bottom, Sleek lipliner, Revlon lipgloss, NXY Jumbo Pencil and GOSH Lipstick
From top to bottom, Sleek lipliner, Revlon lipgloss, NXY Jumbo Pencil and GOSH Lipstick

Add a touch of the lipstick to the cheeks and it provides the perfect blush compliment to the look. (more pics on Instagram)


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