Illuminating Fragrance: Decleor Bois de Neroli

Decleor Candle Bois de Neroli

Decleor Candle

Despite officially being March,  I am still wrapped up on my sofa in a blanket with a hotwater bottle that I have owned for over a decade.   For the last few  weeks, I have been burning Decleor’s Bois de Neroli candle.

Decleor Candle (3)

It is beautifully packaged in a cream and gold box where you lift the lid off reveal the whole candle.   The brushed gold metal lid sits atop the cream glass candle holder. The candle has one of the most even burns of any candle that I have burnt.  Of course regular wick trimming helps but I have been really impressed.   I love the fragrance, it is not as heady as a straight neroli fragrance and is slightly sweeter then other neroli candles I have burned.

Decleor Candle (7)

Unfortunatly the fragrance does not fill my front room.  Burning the candle for two hours does not fill the room with this glorious scent. My front room is small and in general candles fills the space pretty quickly, but not this candle.  I have to pop it on a stool where I am sitting to get the benefit.  I love Decleor but this candle is really disappointing.

Decleor Candle (14)


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