CO Bigelow Apothecary Lemon Body Cream

Lemon Body Cream CO Biglow

I always have more then one body product on the go.  Usually a body oil and a body cream.

Lemon Body Cream 226g CO Biglow

This winter I have been using CO Bigelow’s Lemon Body Cream.  I picked up the 226g tub from Liberty’s but it is available in a 907 g mega jar. It is housed in a plastic jar.

Lemon Body Cream CO Bigelow

To be honest I wish it was glass as this is not a mass market product.  If your brand name includes the word ‘apothecary’ it kinda conjures up glassware – well to my mind anyway.

CO Bigelow Body Cream

This body cream contains 4.5% Lemon Oil so when you open the jar gorgeous lemony lemonness hits you.  It smells like a more citrusy lemon ice from the ice cream van.  It also has a gorgeous fresh pale lemon colour which adds to the yumminess. The texture is light – really light  I thought that it would mean that it could not deal with my very dry skin but it did better then I thought it would. When you apply this cream to the skin and start to rub it in, you can begin the richness shea butter) of the product.

CO Bigelow 226g Lemon Body Cream

It did not pass the eight out opaque tights test.  It was closer to five hours but this is a water based body cream.   CO Bigelow are proud of the fact that this product contains no added fragrance, artificial colours and it is not tested an animals – and rightly so.  The ingredients are  listed on the bottom of the tub so I found out that it contains shea butter, kukui nut oil, illipe oil beeswax as well as  dimethicone, C13-14 isoparaffin (mineral oil) and parabens. If these are products that you seek to avoid.  This product is not for you.  If you are looking for a medium thick textured body cream with a gorgeous lemony scent – this could very well be a good option for you.

CO Bigelow Body Cream


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