Boots Pharmaceuticals: Irritated Eyes Eye Mist

Boots Pharmaceuticals Irritated Eyes Eye Mist

Boots Irritated Eyes Eye MistAs much as I love the spring, it always means that onset of hay fever for me.  It starts with the itchy nose, then itchy eyes followed by itchy ears.  Antihistamine deals with some of the symptons but itchy eyes are the most problematic for me as a make up wearer.  Many a time I have spent fifteen minutes perfecting my eyeshadow blending,  my liquid liner, and two coats of mascara only for my eyes to then start itching and all my hard work goes down the drain when I have used liquid eye drops that go into the eyes.  Often they mess up your mascara, sometimes they don’t address the itching quickly or they run down your face and mess up your complexion products.

Boots Pharmaceuticals Irritated Eyes Eye Mist

Boots Irritated Eyes Eye mist is a product that I have been using .  Formulated for eyes irritated by allergies and other minor irritations, this is a product that you spray over closed eyes rather then putting into your eyes and yes, you can spray it over your make up.

Boots Pharmaceuticals Irritated Eyes Eye Mist

The spray that is dispensed is not the finest, and the circumference of the spray is quite large – larger then your eye socket but it does dry on the skin quite quickly.  It is not sticky when it dries and a couple of pumps  really does soothe the itching within three to five seconds.

Boots Pharmaceuticals Irritated Eyes Eye Mist

It soothes the irritation through your eyelids by repairing the ‘tear film’ which is the liquid layer that protects the eye.  This product worked really well for minor irritation.  If you have taken your anti histamine and your eyes are a little itchy or as I often find, first thing in the morning my eyes are a little irritated this is brilliant.  If you are suffering really badly with allergy eyes you may need a product that has been designed specifically for allergies.  If dry eye or too much time looking at screens for social media purposes is the issue then this is a great option.



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