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Tinted Ultrasun

I love the sun, I really do and I wish we had more of it in the UK but… to paraphrase Spiderman’s uncle Ben ‘with great sun, comes great responsibility’.  This year, I was fortunate to attend the M&S press day where UltraSun is one of the brands.  I am very familiar with Ultrasun and have used the body product previously.  The face product that I tried previously did leave a slight white cast on my face.   Titanium oxides will do that you are have a richer skintone.  Would a tinted version be better?

Tinted Ultrasun

When I came across the tinted version I have to admit that I immediately dismissed it – but having used it for the past couple few weeks my opinion has changed.  We are in bank holiday season and I am spending alot of time driving the mister and the family up and down to make the most of the long weekends. As a result, I have seen a bit of pigmentation on the right side of my face. It is not a huge amount, nothing to worry about but as a #cleanseaholic I am looking at my face twice a day every day so I notice it.  The colour is way lighter then my skintone but as it is applied to the skin the colour evens out.  The key really is to have a dry face.  If your face is damp it will apply opaque to the face.  If you have an ivory or porcelain complexion this will probably be too dark for you.  If you are my complexion and deeper you will probably find a very slight opaque cast on the skin.  Nothing that a light applicatoin of powder foundation or a BB/CC cream cant sort out.

Ultrasun are market leaders and CEW 2014 award winners (Best New Self Tan or Sun Care product).  As well as creating sun care and nothing else, their formulations have the benefit of being a once a day application which does not need to be reapplied unless in extremes of temperature.  The trick with the product is to apply it onto clean dry skin (cleanse and tone) apply it to the face and wait for ten to fifteen minutes before heading out or applying your usual skincare routine.  Ultrasun needs to be applied directly to the skin (ie under skincare) to be efficient.

Tinted UltrasunThe Ultrasun face range is said to be anti ageing product because it of the SPF (anti wrinkling) anti oxidants (anti inflammatory, anti wrinkling) and the fact that Ectoin is in the formula.  Ectoin is a naturally occurring enzyme (used in Creme de La Mer products amongst others) which helps to prevent UVA induced photoageing.  So far all good, however this product also contains mineral oil so if that is an issue for you Hampton Sun which I reviewed here might be a better option for you.

I have to be honest – I don’t Ultrasun everyday.  If I am going to be driving  I apply it to my face and hands (hands are much neglected when it comes to suncare) or if I am going to be out and about.  I know that if my skincare or make up has SPF in it, the SPF will degrade in a couple of hours.  For hanging around in London or driving, factor 30 is fine.  If I am going on holiday I will use factor 50 because a) I am prone to prickly heat, b) I am used to hot sun (I was born here innit).  For people that were born in the southern hemisphere but spend the majority of their time in the northern hemisphere (you know who you are) – you need SPF.  Your skin behaves differently now and does not deal with the sun like it did and, c) I don’t want to be wrinkly prematurely (yes I’m vain).

Tinted Ultrasun Swatch

If you want to find out more about protecting you skin in the sun head to DijasWorld where she is doing a week of posts for Sun Awareness Week.  Ultrasun Face (tinted) is available from Marks and Spencers  £26.00


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