Miller Harris: The Summer Collection (Limited Edition)

Miller Harris Symphony of Colour

Miller Harris is a fragrance brand that I first learned about through their candles.  Lyn Harris is British nose whose edit of fourteen fragrances  take you through natures wonders with a classical french finish.

Miller Harris Summer Collection Limited Edition


Yesterday I got to spend some time at the beautiful Mayfair Miller Harris store where they launched their Limited Edition Summer Collection.


Miller Harris Limited Edition Summer Collection

Miller Harris chose Cyril Destrade an amazing artist and graphic designer who is reknown for is water colours.   Destrade created a Symphony of Colour which represent the fruits and flowers that are ingredients in the fragrances from three Miller Harris Citrus fragrances – Citron Citron, Tangerine Vert and Le Petitgrain.  These fragrances are part of the Miller Harris permanent line and usually look like this

Miller Harris Tangerine Vert

But for a limited time they will look like this…

Miller Harris Tangerine Vert

Miller Harris have created a five hundred limited  fifty millilitre bottles of the fragrances with Destrades beautiful artwork.

Miller Harris Symphony of Colour


Miller Harris Summer Edition Limited Edition

The packaging is beautiful, vibrants yellows, reds and oranges.  As a citrus fan – I was very happy that the scents chosen are from the citrus family, perfect for the summer.  Citron Citron is typically what I am drawn to (orange lemon and lime top notes) – but for this summer, my choice would be Tangerine Vert.  The prettiest of all the three fragrances which has tangerine, grapefruit and lemon top notes,  geranium marjoram and orange flower heart with musk and cedar wood base.  It is more floral then Citron Citron and less of a cologne then Le Petitgrain.

Floral Display Miller Harris


I love the way Miller Harris used candle holders as vases for the floral displays – very pretty.

The Limited Edition Summer Collection fragrances retail for £65 are available from Miller Harris stockists from June 6th.







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