Illuminating Fragrance: The Scented Candle Shop and Voluspa

Voluspa candle lit

One candle range that has been on my wishlist for some time is Voluspa.  This American brand which started in 1999 has an exquisite range of fragrances which are  sold in very high end shops in London.  So imagine my delight when browsing through I found the range there.


The Scented Candle Shop has an extensive range of Yankee Candles but this is by no means the entirety of their stock.  They have a large range of brands, some of which I am very familiar with including Prices and Pintail and  aromatherapy brands including Canova and St Eval.  As well as candles they have diffusers, a range of accessories to fragrance your car.  The thing I love about the Scented Candle Shop is that it really caters for the candle addict.  The wick trimmer is the most efficient way to keep the wick at the perfect quarter of an inch length and the candle snuffers are the best way to extinguish a candle.  They also have candle lighters (better than a match) gift boxes and tongs to put tea lights into candle holders.  Are you beginning to understand why I spend so much time here?  As well as the vast array of products there is the blog which  talks about trends and candle addict related issues.

Voluspa Lid

Voluspa Lid

So I decided to cross Voluspa of my wishlist via the Scented Candle Shop.  I got the  Apricot and Aprilla (Lily) Candle.  Oh My Gosh.  This candle is amazing (it is also cheaper on then at Selfridges but I digress). The Scented Candle shop provide some information about each brand that they stock which is always helpful.  Voluspa candles are made with coconut wax rather than beeswax or soy wax.  This means that it is a cleaner burn as well as being sustainably and ethically sourced (no pthalates, parabens or sulphates and not tested on animals).  This candle has a sweet floral fragrance that is not overpowering.  Great for the summer.  If  like me you are a sucker for packaging, you are going to love this candle.  The ceramic holder is weighty and substantial.  At about fourteen centimetres high it is taller than most jar candles.    It has the most gorgeous metal lid which has vents in it so that after you have blown out the candle and snap the lid closed the fragrance still permeates the room.  It also looks AMAZING.

Voluspa candle lit

I cannot recommend the Scented Candle Shop enough.  You can find them all over the net:-



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