Tom Ford Traceless Stick Foundation Stick (Chestnut)

Tom Ford Traceless Finish Foundation Chestnut

At Christmas I was fortunate to receive some money as part of my gift and I decided to spend it on a product that I would not normally buy.  I took myself to Harrods and got colour matched for a Tom Ford stick foundation.

Tom Ford Traceless Finish Foundation Chestnut

I love a stick foundation.  It is my favourite formula. Having been colour matched several times over the past 2 years that I have had my blog I realise that I like a flawless to the point of plastic finish to my face and this can best be achieved with a stick… followed closely by a cream, followed closely by a liquid.

Betty Adewole Tom Ford

The beautiful Betty Adewale advertises for the brand and she has a beautiful rich skintone.  But I know that just because a black women models for the brand does not necessarily mean that she is wearing the foundation and lighting in a photograph can change a complexion shade significantly.  When  I asked for the stick foundation the sales assistant bless him was not convinced that the shade would be right for me, but we decided to try it and somehow despite the fact that the product that looked like it was a couple of shades lighter than my skin, he took a bush and applied it… and a small smile appeared at his lips.  He told me to do outside and have a look and I have to admit I was very very pleasantly surprised.  My neck is super yellow and a completely different and lighter colour then my face.  When MUAs try to match my face to my neck it just does not work so despite the blue undertones in my face that are not in my neck, not all yellow based foundations work for me.

Tom Ford and Bobby Brown Stick Foundations

The Traceless Foundation Stick is sixty two pounds.  Now, I don’t normally talk price on my blog, but this is Tom Ford.  This product is not cheap but I want to get it out of the way up front.  It is the most expensive foundation that I have ever bought.  HOWEVER you get fifteen grams of product.  As a point of reference the new Bobbi Brown skin foundation stick is twenty nine pounds for nine grams.  When you put it like that – does it seem super expensive now?

Tom Ford Traceless Finish Foundation Chestnut

The packaging is that rich brown with the gold trim so if you have a lipstick, you will be familiar with it.  It is heavy picks up fingerprints easily but it is lovely.  The foundation itself has some kind of magic in it. I am not joking.  I feel like it has colour adjusting properties.  When I first bought the foundation my plan was to use it in the centre of my face and a darker colour at the perimeter, but the more I wear it the more I find that I am applying it all over my face, down onto my neck, putting some translucent powder over the top and twelve hours later I’m still flawless.

Tom Ford Traceless Stick Foundation WoC Swatch

The texture is soooo smooth, it glides onto the skin.  I apply it with my trusty Louise Young foundation brush and it gives the most flawless , traceless finish.  It does not leave a line on your face, it just blends into the skin and then the magical skintone adjusting magic happens and before your eyes, you are transformed into a person with flawless skin. I have some scars that need a bit of Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage after but mainly I just apply set and go.  You can build it up from sheer to full coverage and it is beautifully hydrating on the skin.


The true miracle of this foundation is the reaction that other people have.  I always get the ‘you have great skin’ complement when I am wearing this foundation. I have tested it and it is without a doubt the most complemented foundation in my collection.  I love this foundation.  It is a game changer in my foundation wardrobe.


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