Talon Tales: Ulta Tutu Cute and Ultra Violet Femme

Ulta nail colour

If you follow me on Instagram, (@patentpurplelife) you will know that at the weekend, I received an amazing bag of goodies all the way from the US of A thanks to my special instabuddy @2vidasindallas.


Among the goodies that I received were these two nail colours from Ulta.  Ulta is a store that sells salon, drugstore and premium brands.  We don’t have it in the UK but from a quick browse online, I can see that my beauty habit would be far worse if we did.  I received two colours.  Tutu Cute is a lovely lavender creme.  It dries to a high shine and provides an opaque finish after two coats.  It complement my MAC Goes and Goes lippie perfectly.



Ultra Violet Femme looks blue in the pictures but it is a shimmery deep purple.  The perfect lipstick accompaniment to this shade is Illamasqua ESP.  The colours are fabulous. Tutu Cute is my preferred texture of the two – it is more gel like then Ultra Violet Femme but I am enjoying both of them immensely and am very grateful to my instabuddy for hooking me up with these fab colours.





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