Talon Tales: Leather and Sequin from Nails Inc & Alexa Chung

Nails Inc Alexa Chung Sequin and Leather

There have been some changes at Nails Inc recently.  The brand ambassador has changed from Poppy Delevingne to Alexa Chung.  Brand Ambassadors come and go so for me personally it is no big shakes.  I think that Alexa is a pretty good fit for the brand as a London IT girl who wears nail polish regularly.

Nails Inc Alexa Chung Sequin and Leather

For me, the biggest change is the shape of the bottles.  They are now rectangular.  To be honest I don’t know how I feel about that.  I mean, I like the bottles, but it does not ‘feel’ like Nails Inc.  The shape of a bottle is really integral to a nail polish brand and the shape is a real departure from the circular bottles.  In terms of application the bottles are pretty heavy… well actually it is the lids that are really heavy.  The bottle with out the lid is quite light.

Nails Inc Alexa Chung Leather and Sequin Rear

The black is called Leather – a matte black which dries to a textured, ‘leather finish’.  Top applicaiton tip – two thin layers.  The colour takes quite a while to dry and the thinner the layer the quicker it dries and the more ‘leather’ effect that you see.

Nails Inc Alexa Chung Sequin and Leather Lids

The glittery polish is called Sequin (yes singular).  It is a mixture of very small and medium sized black and gold glitter particles suspended in a clear varnish.  The brush pics up quite alot of product so you can apply plenty to the nail without having to go back into the bottle.  The two colours of particles mean that it is is a polish that you could wear on bare nails.  It dries quickly and has quite a smooth finish. I would not use topcoat with the leather polish as I want to keep the matte textured effect, but over the Sequin, I would.

Nails Inc Alexa Chung Leather and Sequin

Leather and Sequins are part of a collection of fabric inspired polishes from Alexa Chung  later this month.  For swatches head to my Instagram page.

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