Talon Tales: Seche Vite Hypnotic

I have not done a nail review for a while as I am back on the Renunail to try to get some length back.  As with last time it is working so I have returned to colour with a bang.

Seche Hypnotic

I am a huge fan of Seche Vite and buy it in packs of three from QVC as I can’t be without it.  Seche Vite also do nail colour and in an attempt to not buy another purple nail polish, I opted for Hypnotic. Rich deep navy with shimmer.

Seche Hypnotic


If you liked OPI’s Russian Navy you will love this.   It registers as navy and not black on the nails and the formula is thick but not gloopy. It is marketed as a one coat formula but I did two… just because, and sealed it with a coat Seche Vite Top Coat.  Fabulous.

Seche Hypnotic Swatch #WoC




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