L’Oreal Collection Exclusive – Pure Red: Eva

L'Oreal Paris Collection Exclusive Color Riche Eva's Pure Red

A couple of weeks ago I took part in the #beautyswapshop organised by fellow #bbloggers Lynda from WonderLustingLynda and Dija from DijasWorld.  Before I became a beauty blogger, I was a beauty junkie so I always had a sizeable stash in my beauty cupboard.  My blogging has taken this to a new level however.  An opportunity to swap new products from my stash which I new I was not going to use for products that I was definitely going to love made sense and I did not bat an eyelid when Dija advised that we could bring fifteen products.  I was very disciplined during the event and only picked up ten products but everything I picked up I am going to use  – especially the Pure Red Lipstick from Eva.

L'Oreal Paris Collection Exclusive Color Riche Eva's Pure Red

Do you remember when L’Oreal brought out the Nude collection – a range of nude colours from the L’Oreal Ambassadors.  It is a great idea, the L’Oreal ambassadors have different skintones and hair colours so you can choose your colour according to the person who physically resembles you or according to the shade that you like. I was excited to try the nude shade but alas it wasnt to be .  Loreal claimed that there were production issues but months later, I am yet to see this shade in a local store.  Anyway L’Oreal have repeated the process – this time with shades of red.

L'Oreal Paris Collection Exclusive Color Riche Eva's Pure Red

Eva Longoria is gorgeous but physically we do not really look alike – however I was interested to see who the shade would be on my skin

tone.  I was very pleasantly surprised to find that whilst this red leans very orange on my skin, the shade does work well on me.

L'Oreal Paris Collection Exclusive Color Riche Eva's Pure Red

The packaging is  looks luxe – it really stands our from the standard L’Oreal packaging.  The black is flocked which gives it a three dimensional look and the gold accent is high shine.  I also like the fact that the lid has a front and a back with a clip.  It makes you take more time with the product.  This is a matte lipstick but the texture is not dry – it is very smooth on the skin.  The formula has great staying power,  a touch up after lunch is all that is needed and it survives tea drinking and biscuit eating without any problems.  At the end of the day when you remove the colour you will find that your lips are slightly stained which is to be expected from a long lasting formula.  The Liya red is much more readily available then the nude so I have managed to swatch it.  It is a gorgeous blue red – definitely a shade of red that I would choose for myself.  As I have several red lippies in similar shades I wont be buying it … yet.  I’ll stick with Eva.  Head to my Instagram for pictures of me wearing this lippie.


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