Event: Taste of Winter 2014

Taste of Winter Sticky Date Pudding from Jamie Olivers Barbacoa

Tobacco Dock Plaque Taste of Winter

If you are a foodie like me – Taste of Winter is a must, a huge expo of fabulous food and drink all under one roof.  Once inside, instead of using stirling for purchases, the organisers decided that ‘crowns’ would be a better option.  A bit like using your Oyster card to pay for journeys on public transport –  you’ top up’ your card with cash before entry  use ‘crowns’ (1 pound = 1 crown)  to pay for purchases.  However, the registration system takes a ridiculously long time (it took us 45 minutes to register two cards) and not all stalls accept ‘crowns’.    Some only accept cash and others take cards so it is a bit of a muddle.  Despite the slow start to the evening however opening night of Taste Winter was full of amazing sights tastes and smells.

Taste of Winter 2014

I took a few pictures…


Taste of Winter Ember Yard
Ribs from Ember Yard
Taste of Winter Portobello Road Gin
Delicious Dry London Gin  Portobello Road Gin
Aloo Papri Chaat from Roti Chai
Aloo Papri Chaat from Roti Chai – yoghurt, tamarind sauce, wheat crackers potato and chickpeas – cold but delicious
Taste of Winter Flora Tea
Beautiful flowering teas from Flora Tea
Taste of Winter Green and Blacks
Green and Blacks Hot Chocolate
Taste of Winter Sticky Date Pudding from Jamie Olivers Barbacoa
Sticky Date Pudding From Jamie Oliver’s Barbacoa – yummy


Taste of Winter Pulled Pork and Roti
Roti and Pulled Pork from Roti Chai
Spiced plum cordial from Edwards Cordian
Spiced Plum cordial from Edwards Cordial

Taste of Winter Meringue

The biggest meringues that I have ever seen!

Taylors Port
King’s Ginger Liqueur – a must for ginger lovers


Taste of Winter Baclava
I am slightly obsessed with taking pictures of bakava
Taste of Winter The Duppy Share
The Duppy Share: Blended Barbadian and Jamaican Rum

Taste of Winter Octopus and Chorizo Skewer

Octopus and Chorizo Skewer from Ember Yard


Martin Miller Gin Taste of Winter
Martin Miller’s Gin made with Icelandic water


Taste of Winter Truffles
Taste of Winter Sipsmiths Gin
Sipsmith Gin – another London brand


Taste of Winter Olivers Bread
Oliver’s Bakery


Taste of London Pastries

Taste of Winter (70)

Taste of Witner Sorai Sauce
Sorai Sauces – this soy is hot and delicious



Taste of Winter Belazus
The best balsamic vinegar I’ve tasted by far from Belzu


Taste of Winter - Been Mercy
Delicious Raw Honey from Bee Mercy – the heather was my favourite
Taste of Winter - Suzie's Yard
Suzie’s Yard Olive Oil – less then 100 bottles produced annually
Taste of Winter - The Wild Geese
Whiskey and rum from The Wild Geese

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