Clarins: Tonic Bath and Shower Concentrate

Clarins Tonic Bath and Shower Concentrate

When I walk through a department store Clarins is not one of the brands that I normally browse.  I don’t spend alot of time looking at it on line and whilst it is definitely in my radar, it is not one of my go to brands.  The Tonic Bath and Shower Concentrate has changed that.  I got hold of this as a luxury sample when I bought a couple of the Exfoliating Toners (one for me, one for my sister) and they had a

a) if you spend  fifty quid you get something and

b) if you buy two items or more you get something, hence this.

Clarins Tonic Bath and Shower Concentrate

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.  Why didn’t any one tell me.  Seriously.  I LOVE this stuff.  Firstly the formula does not strip my skin to within an inch of it’s life.  I can lather up twice with this formula come out of the shower and my skin does not say anything thanks to the coconut based surfactants.  The packaging is functional rather then pretty but I really don’t care because what is inside the plastic bottle is amazing.  This golden nectar which I use in the shower rather than the bath as the ability to transform my mood like few other products.


To say that this is a gorgeous blend of rosemary, mint, arnica, juniper, balm pine, gentian, hamamelis, hops, st johns wort, balm mint and calendula is not a lie… but…a  list of ingredients does not really tell you what this smells like.  Imagine a pine forest, but with a bit of sweetness from the geranium not too much camphor but enough green to stimulate the brain. Amazing.  Now, every time I walk past a Clarins counter I cover my hands in as much Tonic oil and or  tonic balm as I can, inhale deeply and move along.

If I was not on my #beautyspendingban I would have gone and bought the whole range (body balm, body oil and body scrub)  because they all smell as amazing as the bath and shower concentrate.  Go get yourself some!!


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