Luscious Lips: Iman Taboo

Iman Taboo Lipstick

Iman Taboo Lipstick

This purchase was directly initiated influenced and enabled by Instagram.  Last summer I was seeing American beauty bloggers  wearing this colour.  It was a beautiful deep purple so my interest was piqued.  I took myself to the  Iman site they had a lip palette which had the amazing purple shade called Taboo that they were all wearing.

Iman Taboo Lipstick

A short time later and Instagram was a buzz with the fact that the colours in the lip palette were going to be part of the range and my excitement began to rise.  I had to have this colour!  I got in touch with Iman and asked them when they colour was going to come to the UK three times but received no response.  Not deterred,  I asked the PR company that had previously worked with on the promotion of the  Iman BB Cream about this purple colour ..but they were no longer working with Iman and could not tell me who the mantle had passed to.  I asked at Iman counters when this colour was coming and had sales assistants tell me that they did not know what I was talking about.  I tried to forget the colour but I couldn’t.  It was purplicious purple, I dreamed about it and I needed it.

Iman Taboo Lipstick

Time went on and eventually, towards the end of last year I FINALLY got my hands on Taboo.  My first Iman lipstick, and I have to say that it was worth the wait.  The packaging does not impress me at all.  It is very similar to Revlon a basic plastic with a clear top so you can see the colour.  The only difference is that it has Iman in bold on the bullet.  Fine.  This is a lippie where the colour is all I care about.

Iman Taboo Lipstick

Taboo is also one of the most difficult lipsticks to photograph.  The deep rich colour that you see in the flesh just is not translated when photographed.  I have done my best but really you need to try this colour for yourself to truly get the glory of it.

Iman Taboo Lipstick

The texture of this is like no other lippie I own.  There is no resistance at all when this is applied to the lips.  None, it is like butter.   I thought that as a result of this soft buttery texture that this lippie would have no staying power.  Wrong!  It survives tea and cake at eleven o’clock and a lunchtime sarnie leaving a glorious deep purple lip stain behind. No needs for a lip liner, reapply for increased intensity and carry on with your day.

Iman Taboo Swatch Woc

I own MANY purple lipsticks.  My signature lip colour was YSL Rouge Poupre Divin which I love for depth and longevity of the colour and the sexiness of the bullet.  Taboo is a sexier purple in my eyes, and swatched side by side Poupre Divin suddenly becomes less then sum of it’s parts.  If  Taboo was beautifully encased in an Art Deco metal with a magnetic closure I would be prepared to pay three times as much for it.  This colour has the intensity that I had hoped Stella from Lipstick Queen would provide.

Iman Taboo and YSL Poupre Divin Swatch Woc

One of the interesting things about this lipstick is that it only has a six month shelf life.  Most other lippies that I own have at least a nine month, if not twelve or eighteen month shelf life.  It  means that I have to have this colour on heavy rotation before June and buy a back up just in case Iman decide to discontinue it.  If you are a purple fanatic like me, you NEED this lippie in your collection.


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