Essence of Morocco: Orange Blossom Water

Essence of Morocco Orange Blossom Water

The use of flower in beauty dates back centuries.  Roses are often heralded not only as being beautiful but helping in the pursuit of beauty.  However, I am not a huge fan of the fragrance of roses and orange blossom have many skincare benefits too.

Essence of Morocco Orange Blossom Water

As with most things, not all orange flower waters are created equally.  The Essence of Morocco Orange Blossom Water is a hydrolat.  Blossoms from bitter orange trees are steam distilled to extract the essential oils from the flower.  In the case of the bitter orange blossom, the oil extracted is neroli.   A by product of this process is the hydrolat or hydrosol which contains the water soluble elements of the process at a very low concentration.  A true hydrolat does not contain alcohol, preservatives or additional essential oils.

There are several benefits to using orange flower water on the skin.  Not only is the smell amazing, it shares the calming properties that neroli essential oil is famed for in aromatherapy.  Orange Blossom Water also  has anti septic and anti bacterial properties and supporting cell regeneration.  Generally thorugh to be best for those with combination and oily skin but it is suitable for all skin types.

The Essence of Morocco Orange Blossom Water has an amazing pump which dispenses a super fine mist.  It is soothing after the use of an acid toner, in between mask treatments or just as a refreshing spritz throughout the day.  As temperatures rise this will become an essential in the bathroom (or the fridge).


Head to the Essence of Morocco website for more information.


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