Jo Malone: Candle and Bath Oil

Jo Malone Lime Mandarin and Basil, Fig and Cassis

Lime Mandarin and Basil is one of the original fragrances from the Jo Malone range that I ever tried all those years ago.  In truth I have moved away from this fragrance slightly as I have succumbed to the pleasures of the now discontinued Vintage Gardenia (no I am not going to let that go)…

Lime Mandarin and Basil

…revelled in the robust pear note of English Pear and Freesia… and been seduced by Tuberose Angelica.  However, a recent trip to Jo Malone had me returning to Lime Mandarin and Basil with renewed understanding and respect in the form of the bath oil.

Jo Malone Lime Mandarin and Basil

This clean and revitalising fragrance is a beautiful fragrance for bathing when you have a full day ahead as opposed to bathing to relax before bed.  The fragrance is saturated without being overpowering so you leave your skin and the bathroom scented without giving yourself a headache.

Jo Malone Lime Mandarin and Basil

On very decadent days I use this product in the shower applying it liberally to damp skin with an exfoliating mitt – a little goes a long way but I have to hide it from The Mister as he enjoys this fragrance too and as I have mentioned previously – he is more heavy-handed then I am.

Jo Malone Lime Mandarin and Basil

Wild Fig and Cassis is not a fragrance that I would choose to wear but to fragrance a room is delicious.  Jo Malone candles throw scent so well, it spoils you for other candle ranges. There is a sweetness about this scent that is comforting.  If you are a fan of L’Occitane Cherry type fragrances, I think that you will love this.

Jo Malone Lime Mandarin and BasilI have to make a quick comment about the matches.  I have bought Jo Malone candles on many occasions but this is the first time I have picked up the matches and it is a bit of a revelation.  Bigger badder and much much better then my usual match of choice, the long length is great for lighting candles of all sizes and gas ovens!


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