Brand Alert: Noer Organics Atelier

Noer Organics Cleansing Balm, Cloth and Renewal Faciial Oil

Noer Organics Cleansing Balm, Cloth and Renewal Faciial Oil

I am a fan of science and technology in skincare but equally I am not averse to an organic or ‘green’ ( whatever that means) beauty.  The labelling does not interest me, what I am interested in is efficacy of the product.  Noer Organics Atelier is what the marketeers would call an ‘eco luxe’ brand.  It is not just the price point that makes it luxe, it is also the range of ingredients used in the products and the philosophy.  The brand has a whimsy about it with references to love and kinship and the philosophy of the brand is to provide the highest quality natural skincare based on an understanding of ingredients.  The range contains just six products and I have been luxuriating with two of them over the last couple of months.

Cleansing Balm (£40)

You know that I am a #cleanseaholic and as I have demonstrated in this blog – not all cleansing balms are created equally.  A good cleansing balm has great ingredients (in this case all organic or wild crafted)  great texture, (it holds its form in the tub and melts into a beautiful oil on the skin) and a great smell is also always a bonus.  The Noer Organics cleansing balm has all three. In addition it is sold with a spatula (hurrah) and my care package came with a small microfibre cloth.

Noer Organics Cleansing Balm

It has a castor seed oil base which is unusual amongst balms but also has oat, cherry angelica and calendula extracts, jojoba, grapeseed and marula oils, mango shea and sweet almond oil butters mimosa flower wax, sweet orange, black cumin seed anise and clove oils as well as honey and pink kaolin.

Noer Organics Cleansing Balm

If you subscribe to the less is more school of thought in terms of skincare and ingredients – this is not the range for you.  As this product is for all skintypes, it has a range of ingredients to deal with inflammation, dehydration and breakouts.  The instructions state to emulsify and then use but I have been placing a generous amount into the palm of my hands with the spatula provided (HURRAH) and massaging it into my face… inhaling and massaging some more.  If you are not a fan of fragranced cleansers this is not for you.  It smells like no other cleansing blam that I have used (and I have used alot).  It is not a pretty fragrance, it is the spicy and sweet with a bit of a green note. I am not a huge fan of ylang ylang but that element does not overpower the scent.  Can we talk about the clay in this formula?  It is at the bottom of the ingredients list so clearly it is not in a huge quantity in the product but whether the clay is used for colour, to stabilise the product, for texture or to draw out impurities it is an unusual addition for a balm.  On the skin, I found that it clarified, deep cleansed and soothed.  My skin was perfectly prepped for acid toning but it was gentle when dealing with breakouts.  I used it after removing my make up as it has a lovely array of skin loving ingredients but I it can be used it to remove make up. I would recommend a patch test with this product due to the essential oils.  Clove oil generally is not recommended  during pregnancy and if you are photosensitive the sweet orange oil may be an issue for you.

Renewal Facial Elixir (£145)

Another skincare favourite of mine is a facial oil .  As with the Cleansing Balm it has a comprehensive list of ingredients – twenty eight in fact (because the skin’s cycle of renewal is twenty eight days).

Noer Organics Renewal Facial Elixir

Renewal Facial Oil has a camellia oil baseblended with  cherry rosehip,  sea buckthorn, evening primrose, hempseed, calendula, marula, kalahari, passion fruit, borage, acai, blueberry, apple seed, pear seed and goji berry oils.  It reads like a whos who of skin (and hair) loving oils doesn’t it!  A solid hit of omegas, essential fatty acids anti oxidants, skin plumping, moisturising, nourishing and lovely smelling botanical oils.

This formula is also infused with three precious stones.  Mookite – a stone which I own and wear in jewellery which is said to promote sleep and deflect the signs of skin aging.  Ocean and rhodonite jasper are both associated with purification and illimination.   If you are a fan of the Lola Rose jewellery range,  you will be familiar with this stones.

Noer Organics Renewal Facial Elixir

The deep golden colour is 0il is amplified in the amber toned glass phial that I received.  Even my round as a plate face did not need more then three drops.  It is not the fastest absorbing oil, but it did leave the skin with a beautiful bloom.  My preferred way to use it was on slightly damp skin – so before your toner has completely dried.  It was perfect under a moisturiser that had hydrating benefits only and when my skin was trying to get a bit irrational with me, it seemed to calm and soothe it.  I used it under rich (texture) and active (ingredient) night creams and my skin was not overloaded.  I am a huge fan of facial oils and this is a gorgeous one.

If you are young and have no major skin issues (outside of dehydration) I would suggest this as a night product and/or booster to your skincare regime rather than every day essential.  The older you are and or the more problematic your skin it, this elixir comes into it’s own.   If you are serious about organic / green beauty Noer Atelier is a brand that you need to investigate further.


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