Tools of the Trade: Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Brushes

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Brushes in Brush Caddy

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Brushes are, like the rest of her beauty range, beautifully considered and classically presented.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Mock Crock Brush Caddy

All the brushes are natural bristle, with gold toned ferrules which are approximately three centimetres long.  The ferrule is quite short compared to the other brushes that I own – even travel brushes.  It does not impact on the efficacy of the brush but was just something that I noted whilst I was washing my brushes. These brushes are VERY reasonably priced, especially for natural bristle brushes.  There is also a very lovely mock croc  ‘To Go’ brush caddy  (love a bit of mock croc!) which looks lovely in the bedroom (I would not keep it in the bathroom – too much steam).  As the caddy is in two parts, I have been using one side for eye brushes and the other side for face brushes.  If you are going to use this to transport your brushes, I would recommend using brush guards so that if the caddy tips upside down you don’t damage the bristles.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Brushes in Brush Caddy

No 1 Powder Brush (£15.00) and No 2 Blusher Brush (£15.00)

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Powder and Blusher Brushes

For me, these two brushes are interchangeable.  They are both goat hair and there is little difference in size or texture.  Early morning when I wish I was still in bed, I have picked up the blusher brush think it was the powder brush.  Both brushes have a ‘paddle’ shape which is gently tapered at the very top of the brush.  The shape makes them perfect for blush, contour bronzer and also under eye setting powder.  You can take off excess powder from the face and generally just finish the face with a sweep of translucent powder on the brush.  The brushes are soft on the skin. Quite a few hair were shed prior to first washing and a few more bristles were lost during the first two washes but it settled after that.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Powder and Blusher Brushes


No 3 Flat Eyeshadow Brush (£14.00)

This brush is perfect for packing on colour with its densely packed bristles.  It is quite large so not great if you have small lids but if you are doing a wash of one eyeshadow colour this works well.

No 4 Round Eyeshadow Brush (£14.00)

This  long thin eye brush looks like it would be good for blending but surprisingly the bristles are quite stiff.  It is not that fluffy so it works better as crease brush or my preferred way to use it is for placement of a darker eyeshadows in the corner of the eye and then I blend it out with a fluffy brush.


Joan Collins Eyeshadow and Concealer Brushes

No 6 Concealer Brush (£14.00)

I have to be honest – I tend to use this brush for eyeshadow – especially cream shadow like a MAC Paint Pot but it works well with powder shadows too .  It is smaller than the number three so if I am doing more than one colour on the eye, it lays it down beautifully.

Joan Collins Eyeshadow and Concealer Brushes



Overall this is a good set of brushes.  Very good  value for goat and sable hair.  I do  wish that they had the function or the number on the brushes, but that is a very minor consideration.  If you prefer synthetic brushes or are a brush snob the eye brushes are probably not for you, but the powder and blusher brush have replaced a couple of old face brushes in my collection as daily use brushes.


Joan Collins Timeless Collection Brushes are from Harrods and QVCUK.  Prices start from £14


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