Tools of the Trade: Japonesque 150 Degree Application Brushes

Japonesque 150 degree application brushes

Japonesque first came to my attention as a brand for make up tools and accessories. Whilst their make-up can now be found at John Lewis and on QVC, the pigmentation of the shadows does not have the intensity that my richly melanated skin needs so I am sticking to tools.

Japonesque 150 degree application brushes

Their 150 Degree application range is very interesting.   Eye liner brushes that are ‘bent’ to ease application can be found in many ranges. To have a range that has a strictly defined angle is novel and for this reason, the range had been on my wish list for a while.  I was curious about whether the angle in the brush really did make it more ergonomically friendly and more importantly whether it improved make up application.  There are six brushes from the range and I have three of them so I think


Japonesque 150 degree application brushes

Foundation Brush* (£15.00)

Japonesque 150 degree application foundation brush

The synthetic bristles are densely packed and very square.  Reminiscent of many contour type brushes that are currently on the market.  Japonesque say this brush will provide a streak free finish. That has not been my experience. The brush applies a very thin layer of product to the skin.  Very thin so there is no wiggle room in terms of application.  If you like to apply layers of this product this is a good brush.  You need to apply the product to the skin rather then to the brush and then apply so if you have a foundation that sets quickly this is not a good option.  If you have a cream foundation, you will see the streaks.  This brush is not easy to wash either.  I found that each time I got an area where the foundation accumulated on the bristles and I had to work really hard to remove the product.  On the plus side the bristles do dry quickly but

Does the 150 degree angle make application easier?  No! but having used other brushes from the range, I think that it is the shape of the bristles rather than the brush itself that is the issue.


Contour Brush (£25.00)

Japonesque 150 degree application contour brush

This was the brush the first peaked my interest in this range as I am slightly obsessed with tulip (pointed taper) shaped brushes. There are many brushes that are this shape that claim to be for contouring but they are large and deposit a large swathe of product on the face.  This  brush is a great size for powder highlight and contour.  I tend not to use it for blusher because it is a little small for my round plate shaped face (if you have a smaller face, this brush may well works for blusher).  The bristles on this brush are natural fibre (which might explain the difference in price) and it is beautifully soft on the skin.  I always hold it the same way

Does the 150 degree angle make application easier?  I don’t think so – but it is a lovely brush


Eyeshadow Crease Brush* (£15.00)

Japonesque 150 degree application eye shadwo crease brush

From the moment I saw this brush I knew I was going to like it, but the reality is that I love it.  I do not have a defined crease, I am speedily heading to hooded lids and my lids are not as firm as they used to be.  With other brushes when I try to create a crease it is either too big or too small.  This is the perfect size for me and I can build up the colour to be as intense of diffuse as I like.  this brush is pretty multi functional. Use the tip for the crease and teh inner corner.  Use the length of the bristles to pack colour onto the lid.  hold it near the ferrule for intensity and near the bottom for lighter application,  My preferred way to hold it is with the angle above my fingers but it works equally well below my fingers.

Does the 150 degree angle make application easier? Yes.  My crease placement is always spot on when I use this brush.


Not every brush in this range is a winner, but the good brushes are really good.


*PR Samples




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