Tools of the Trade: NARS – Mie

NARS Mie Brush

NARS Mie Brush and Box

I spent alot of time at my local NARS counter trying to decide which of the Kabuki brushes I was going to invest in.  At the beginning I was all about the Yachiyo.  With it’s thin hand and tulip shaped brush head I was in lust.  Every time time I went to he counter however, the Mie with it’s more sturdy shape and larger brush head would hold my attention for a second or two.

NARS Mie Brush

I eventually plumped for the Mie after two months of deliberation for two reasons.  Firstly, my face is large and round like a dinner plate – my face brushes need to be sizeable.  Secondly it was for balance.  The Yachiyo of course is visually precious… but, it is a little less balanced in the hand in my opinion  All the weight is at the top of the brush and I am someone that holds my brushes quite far down the handle so I wanted a more balanced distribution of weight.  Also, the reality of using this brush day to day means that I need something resilient.

NARS Mie Brush Handle

This is not a cheap brush, so it is right for it to be packaged in a box with  a thin cellophane film to keep the shape of the bristles.  Part of the beauty of this brush range is the black wisteria which is wrapped around the handle of the brush.  It provides texture when you hold it but it is not at all uncomfortable in the hand.  It also makes the brush a little bit fragile as the wisteria is literally glued onto the handle. it means that this brush cant be kept in my bathroom as I don’t want the heat and condensation to weaken the glue.  I am not a brush collector however so this brush is used regularly.  Kept in a recycled jam jar in my bedroom.

NARS Mie Brush

I love this brush for all over loose powder application like the Make Up Forever HD powder but also for a pressed translucent powder.  This is not a brush that I would travel with and I very careful when I wash it as I don’t want the wisteria to come away from the handle of the brush.  This brush sits very comfortably in the ‘multifunctional’ category of my brushes.  As well as powder, it works well for blusher, highlighter and contour as the tapered shape allows for precise as well as diffuse application of products.
NARS Mie Brush


The bristles are goat and in fairness are not the softest… but they are by no means the most scratchy that I have ever used.  They do not bleed when washed and they have softened slightly over the time that I have had the brush.  There are other brushes, that don’t cost as much that do an equally good job. .. but if you like the aesthetic as much as I do – this brush will definitely find it ways into your collection.


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