MUFE: Artist Shadow Palettes 1 and 2

MUFE Artist Palettes Nudes You Need and Colours You Crave

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh oh my gosh!!  OK, let me settle down.

MUFE Artist Palettes

I first saw these eyeshadow palettes on Sephora ages ago.  I tried to order them but for some reason I was not able to.  I was not happy.  Then I went to IMATS and Guru Makeup Emporium had a stand there ans were selling them so I bought the brights palette.  Aptly called ‘Colours You Crave’.  I fell in love and I was kinda satisfied…. Until I saw  the nude palette ‘Nudes You Need’ in Guru Makeup Emporium about six weeks later  and I had to have it so I bought it.

Now I have got both and I have played with both here I my thoughts.

Nudes You Need

MUFE Artist Shadow Palette Nudes You Need Swatches

There isn’t a matte shadow in this palette.  For some people this will be an issue – for me it isn’t.  I  am not a nude palette person and even I have a matte brown and a black that I can use.  That said, sometimes I wear the nude palette without a matte shade and it looks pretty (in my opinion).   What I would have liked is an orange / terracotta tone which I think would have been a great addition for all skin tones and further distinguished this nude/naked/nekkid/neutral palettes on the market.

MUFE Artist Palette Nudes You Need

I am not a nude palette kind of a girl but I love this palette.  The mixture of cool and warm tones and the different finishes are great for my combination of dark skin and big glasses.  These colours really brighten my eyes and I often use this palette in conjunction with other palettes for my inner eye highlight.  The lightest two shades are really light and not my cuppa tea but the rest I wear gladly and getting wear out of seven from nine shadows in a palette is really good for me.

Colours You Crave

MUFE Artist Shadow Palette Colours You Crave Swatches

Delicious!!  One of the downsides of this palette is that the top right shade is the same in both palettes. That is a disappointment.  MUFE have over two hundred eye shadow shades.  I feel that they could have included a different colour.  Now that I have the nude palette I feel like I could have forgone the whole of the top row.  When I didn’t have the nude palette I was happy with it.  I think that MUFE knew that the chances of people buying both was pretty high especially at the price (more on that later)

MUFE Artist Palette Colours You Crave

Do you need them both?  Of course not, but I am not here to help you curb your beauty spending!!  If you have a truck load of neutral palettes you don’t need this one…   but you probably want it right? If  nudes are not really what you go for – this palette has got enough interest for you to create neutral and dramatic looks. I would definitely recommend it.  The brights palette on first look appears to be only for the colour confident, but having played with the palette it is not as intimidating as an Acid palette.  The shades are really wearable.  If I were going to recommend just one palette to get I would say ‘Colours You Crave’ – you will get more use out of it then you think.

MUFE Artist Palettes Nudes You Need and Colours You Crave

MUFE have a well deserved reputation for creating beautiful eyeshadows.  They are available in five finishes, matte of which there are none in these palettes Iridescent (prefaced by I) Metallic (prefaced by ME) Satin (prefaced by S) and Diamond (prefaced by D).  The texture of the shadows is buttery but firm. Unlike the baked eye shadows that are on the market these shadows are a gel formulation when liquid so with the exception of the pink and the purple, you get minimal fall out and a great deposit of colour.  The pink and purple are defined as blushers in this palette but that is because the colourants in these shadows are not allowed on the eyes in the US but they are in the UK.  I have used them on my eyes with no problem.

The value of these palettes is AMAZING.  Each shadow is  1.8 grams.  A standard MUFE refill is 2 grams.  The total eight of the palette is 16.2 g which is a smidge more then eight shadows.  In Debenhams, a refill cost thirteen pounds which means that the value of the palette is in excess of one hundred and four pounds and the cost of the palette is thirty pounds.  Basically you are getting eight full sized refills for the price of two and a half.  Great value.  If you are looking to find out whether MUFE Eyeshadows are worth the hype – this is a great place to start.  These palettes are not available from Debenhams and they aren’t on the Guru Makeup Emporium website so you will have to make a visit to the store.


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