3 Favourite Mascaras feat Perricone MD, NYX and Illamasqua

3 Mascaras feat. Perricone MD, NYX & Illamasqua
3 Mascaras feat. Perricone MD, NYX & Illamasqua
With mascara I really try to be disciplined and have a maximum of two in rotation at any one time. I also use them strictly for twelve weeks (I put a reminder in my phone) because I like to have an excuse to buy a new one and of course for hygiene reasons!  Normally if I accidently open a third mascara I put the lid back on tightly and wait until the twelve weeks is up on one of the other mascaras.  The interesting thing about my current selection of mascaras is that I love them all equally and for the same reason. That’s why, I have been using them interchangeably and not been disappointed with any of them.
3 Mascaras feat. Perricone MD, NYX & Illamasqua
*Perricone MD: No mascara mascara (£25.00)
3 Mascaras feat. Perricone MD
I remember when no foundation foundation came out touted as a ‘universal’ (its not) make up product to give the your skin but better appeal.  Then came no concealer concealer and no there is a small edit of products.  The reason that I did not think that I was going to love this mascara is because the range is focussed around the natural, me but better ethos and with my short straight lashes, I want anything but that.  This mascara has the purse factor with the beautiful gun metal packaging and the most precise application.The brush is interesting because it as plastic bristles AND short comb lashes, which means that you can build up the length and comb through the lashes. The lashes are not brittle and it is realatively easy to remove.  The result is the perfect amount of length and curl.
*NYX: Doll Eye Long Lash (£9.00)
3 Mascaras feat. NYX
This is the budget buy, it definitely gives some of the mascaras in Boots and Superdrug a run for their money in terms of price and impact on the lashes.  I don’t mind it getting bashed about in my very full make up bag and it does the job every time. There are two Doll Eye mascaras in the range. I have the volume one and I don’t care for it at all.  I am all about length.  Don’t let the pretty basic packaging fool you.  NYX have really impressed me with this fibre mascara.  The formula is not too wet, the fibres stay on your lashes and not in your eyes, it is easy to remove and the wand is slightly concave  which is great for building up the lashes at the outer corner.  When the lashes dry they are flexible and removal is easy with  and the result is the perfect amount of length and curl.
Illamasqua: Masquara  (£18.00)
3 Mascaras feat. Illamasqua
I am ashamed to say that this was sitting in my beauty cupboard for over a year before I decided to dip into it.  Had I known that this was as good as it is, I would have popped it open sooner.  If mascara is your thing, or you are a make up junkie, this is the one for you.  The formula is the most intense black and brush deposits the perfect amount of product.  It is difficult to remove, an cleansing oil or balm wont deal with it – you need to go in with a micellar water or bi phase cleanser first but it is worth it a the result is the perfect amount of length and curl.
*PR Samples

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