Aromatherapy Associates: Clear Mind Bath and Shower Oil

Clear Mind Bath and Shower Oil

One of my all time favourite brands for bath oils is Aromatherapy Associates.  Luxurious textures, and beautiful aromatic blends  really make your time in the bath indulgent as well as leaving the skin nourished.

Clear Mind Bath and Shower Oil

Clear Mind Bath and Shower Oil from Aromatherapy associates launched earlier this month.  It was created to help induce a state of mindfulness.  To be present in the moment instead of thinking /worrying about yesterday today and tomorrow all at the same time.  It is something that I can definitely relate to and a trait that I recognise in the people around me.  Lack of mindfulness is probably the reason that I watch TV while I am on my laptop and the reason that eat dinner whilst on the phone to my mum – you get my drift.  Being ‘in the moment’ is difficult with life running at one hunded and ten miles around you.  A bath can be the perfect opportunity to be in a mindful state, to chill, relax and or take your time for yourself.

Clear Mind Bath and Shower Oil

Whether or not you believe in the benefits of aromatherapy or think that mindfulness is hippy dippy malarkey, (there is research to support the impact of fragrance on mood) this blend smells wonderful.  The blend is gently stimulating.  Not overly citrussy effervescent, not super pretty floral.  It is a  blend of chamomile, (soothing) frankincense (focusing)  palmerosa (cleansing) and bergamot (uplifting) along with a significant dose of lavender, pettigrain geranium and eucalyptus all beautifully blended in coconut oil.

Clear Mind Bath and Shower Oil

Use a capful in the bath or apply to body before you get into the shower for a relaxing yet sensory experience.  My recommendation as always with gorgeous bath oils however is to do an exfoliating body scrub, rinse it off and then have your bath or shower – the perfect spa at home ritual.

Liberty have worked in collaboration with Aromatherapy Associates to create the beautiful packaging which features the 2003 Genevieve print.  It really makes this box stand out from the standard block colours from the rest of the range.

Clear Mind Shower and Bath Oil is available from Liberty and other authorised stockists and it retails for £48


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