NYX – Butter Lipsticks

NYX Butter Lipsticks

NYX Butter Lipsticks

The trend for lip products that are a cross between a balm and a lipstick is not going anywhere.  It can be found in premium brands like Chanel and YSL.  A sheer formula  with a hint of colour.  To be honest it is something that has never really caught on with me.  I like an opaque lip colour, a statement lip, a bold wash of colour.  That said … the NYX Butter lipsticks are a product that I have really enjoyed getting to grips with.

NYX Butter Lipsticks

Butter Lipsticks are the NYX term for their moisturising lip products that are both sheer and pigmented at the same time. Sounds like a contradiction in terms but these lippies provide more colour than the strawberry flavoured and red coloured lip balms of my formative years.

NYX Butter Lipsticks Swatches (Dark Skin)

Buttery but not super glossy, they glide onto the lips and the colour can be built up.  They are a caster oil base (as are Tom Ford lipsticks) but have a mixture of synthetic and candellila wax so they are not for you if you are avoiding synthetic oils and waxes in your lip products.  As you can see, the shades that have a white base don’t work for me but there are plenty of other shades for me to choose from.  The packaging is functional and quite cute and I really like the fact that the colour of the case is the colour of the shade.  NYX have recently decided to rename the shades so I have listed the old and new name in the picture above.  I  have also provided the shade number in my description of each shade below.

NYX Butter Lipsticks

Sugar Wafer (BLS 13) – the white undertone to this lipstick does not work on my pigmented lips.

Pop (BLS 17) – there is a pinky mauve undertone to this that works beautifully on the lips.  A great nude colour for me

Gumdrop (BLS22) – a baby pink that is too cool toned for me.

Razzle (BLS01) – lovely pigmented blue based pink.  It is pretty on  it’s own but it would also be fab over a pink or purple lip liner

Fizzies (BLS21) – great for no make make up days, it works with every combination of eye and cheek make up.

Mary Janes (BLS08) – my absolute favourite of the six.  This colour is a gorgeous red, works without line, better with a liner. Gorgeous.

NYX Butter Lipsticks Swatches (Dark Skin)

At £6 each they are great value.  The perfect product to have in every makeup bag and purse to ensure that there is always a moisturising hint of colour on the lips.  You can pick them up from Selfridges or Very.co.uk

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